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Ci 4 way Wall Tee junction box

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Product Details

Common Names –  wall tee, wall junction box.

Available Colors – black.

Size Available:  20mm, 25mm.


We manufacturer high quality wall tee junction box which are made of high quality cast iron which is molded to make CI wall tee.

The process of making ci wall tee is a complex process in which  high quality cast iron is melted in furnaces at very high temperature and is then put in mold to  make desired size this process takes place in supervisions of highly skilled professional so that right amount of matter in put in mold at the correct temperature so that air bubble are not formed.

The advantages of using Ci wall tee

  • 100% rust free
  • Can withstand high pressure
  • High tensile strength
  • long lasting life
  • non-flammable